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Foward thinking media 

Mediafisher is an audiovisual production company for television and the web. For the past 12 years, this company, headed by Cyril Chamalet, has produced prime-time and  access prime-time  broadcasts on France’s most extensive network. For the past four years, Mediafisher is a publisher of OTT or Webtv channels.

we do?

Tv productions

Build and design successful programs

Mediafisher is a production company specializing in the adaptation of worlwide formats for television, with real-tv, lifestyle and factual entertainment programs. The company also produces magazines and reports for television channels.


Feel the future of TV

Cyril Chamalet, CEO of Mediafisher has worked on several TV program adaptations such as Under construction (ALP), POPSTARS (ALP), Cash in the attic. These robust programs that have left their mark on television around the world are producing for TV channel M6. Our work continues around Cyril Chamalet to propose new programs that have proven their worth in other countries.

Consultant for format adaptations

With its team, Mediafisher offers French production companies a consulting service for format adaptation or pure creation.

Find Ideas

Around a table, our team becomes a real Sniper of ideas. The direction of program, Stimulus, casting, we are there to accompany you. At the beginning of your production or as a reinforcement, We will have many proposals.

Post-Production Organization

On complex productions, we can organize the entire editing stage. From the production order to delivery.

Executive Production

As support or to the genesis of the production, we can assist you for the organization part of your program.

TV OTT channel Builder

You want to set up your TV channel. We are here to support you on the artistic and technical side.

French Tv Fixer

You are a production abroad, and you need a team, location, casting, shooting in all formats, we are there for you.

Our brands

We help forward-thinking clients succeed in digital culture with work that invites our Latest Works.

Our Great Clients

We work with the major broadcasters in France

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